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Being one of the Fastest-Growing markets over recent years, The Wider gaming industry has long since started exploring additional ways for generating revenue. Many of these ways include Micro-transactions of some sort usually involving some kind of virtual currency, Gems, Rubies, Silver Bars- Whatever they want to name it. With the emergence of Blockchain Technology and Crypto-currencies.

New possibilities for the way transactions (Both Data and Financial) are done online emerged on the horizon. With the current trend gaming industry, which heavily relies on repeated IN-GAME micro transactions. Blockchain unlocked new doors for the sector. With POOP we aim to utilize crytpocurrency for IN-GAME purchases as well as to implement a way to earn real-world currency during gaming.

POOP COIN (POOP TOKEN) is a dedicated cryptocurrency based on the ethereum blockchain that serves as a foundation for IN-GAME purchases, unlocking additional content as well as an ingenuous system for earning poop coins while playing games. Join us in revolutionizing gaming economics by helping us to bring the world of digital Currency and Gaming together.

Our Mission

The main goal is to create a fair and trusted environment for stakeholders and gamers alike.

We want to be recognized as the first truly communitydriven Fortnite Gaming platform

We want to help moving the Gaming industry towards the right direction with provably fair gaming and true transparency

We want to be referenced on how successful a decentralized project can be become through the next generation of token


Total Supply

20 million





Block Time

25 minutes

Block reward

50 coins

Market Potential

Fortnite is a wildly popular online video game produced by Epic Games. In the time since it was released in September of 2017, it’s acquired new users in droves. Within two weeks of its release, it had 10 million users. By March of 2018, 45 million. In June of 2018, 125 million. And by November of 2018, the number of registered users exceeded 200 million, 250 million in march 2019 and 350 million may,2020

Token Utility

POOP is used to fuel all transactions. For example, it fuels:

After POOP’s main sale, POOP-COIN will be available on exchanges, starting with Liquid. A small amount of POOP always is necessary to create accounts on the platform and to make transactions. The in-game acquiring of assets will be done in POOP as well. POOP can be traded for this coin; either in the game itself or via an exchange. We have plans to open the coin up to the Atlanta market and use it as a discount for home improvement

Account creation

Account transactions

Purchasing/renting game assets/accounts

Game transactions

Coin transactions

And much more... POOP is used to fuel all transactions. For example, it fuels: After POOP’s main sal